Ancient “Old Europe” Culture of Peace

“We can dream of a culture of harmony and peace in balance with nature” . . .

Marija Gimbutas tells an origin story that at the very beginning of Western Civilization lay cultures that were peaceful and long-lasting, which she named “Old Europe.” This was the Late Stone Age or Neolithic time of southeastern Europe (Greece, Italy, the Balkans) of 10,000 years ago, give or take a few centuries, when our European ancestors lived in a female-centered culture in which the settlements had no fortifications and the people made no weapons of war. Learn how this peaceful culture existed and how it ended in the video:

Take an hour out of your life to learn of Marija Gimbutas’ lifetime of work in archeological mythology to awaken us to what we lost, by watching the video “Signs Out Of Time” by Donna Read and Starhawk.

Today the idea of “partnership” is to create an egalitarian culture which is neither matriarchal nor patriarchal in a Partnership Spirituality.

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