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Collectivize! Free Birds in Murmuration

January, 2023 • 36 pages

What does the cultural left have for countering the attempts of the cultural right to recruit young adults to neo-fascist extremism? Neo-fascism has websites, meetings, and actions attracting young adults with conspiracy theories and the distortions of alternative facts opposing liberalism and leading to violent extremism. We have seen this before in Hitler Youth of the 1930s Germany. Today in America that same playbook is in use by the politically conservative right. In response the politically liberal left needs to chart an alternative. COLLECTIVIZE!

Too Much of a Good Thing

March, 2023 • 34 pages

Communal Childcare and the Cofamily’s Small-Group Adaptation to Large-Group Communalism’s Bias Against Children


2023 • 48 pages

Raising Children in Small-Group Community

Partnership Spirituality

April 2014 • 4 pages

Intentioneering Ecopartnership Culture

January, 2023 • 74 pages

Culture can be given, or it can be a matter of choice. Human culture evolves as people decide what they choose to believe and how to live. When gender-equality is desired, patriarchal culture is replaced with partnership culture, which especially requires replacing patriarchal religion with Partnership Spirituality.

Riding-Out the Storm in the Ecovillage

February, 2022 • 59 pages

Ecology as the global networking and outreach identity for the Intentional Community Movement

Gifting and Sharing

May, 2014 • 64 pages

Living the Plenty Paradigm in Cohousing and Communal Society
Gifting in Cohousing contrasted with Sharing in Egalitarian Community

Light and Shadows

2004 • 48 pages

Interpersonal and Group Process in the Sharing Lifestyle